To become a study?

answer_org From the plane to the three-dimensional, work to repeat from three-dimensional to the plane, it is said to lead to to wear the “space recognition ability.” Spatial recognition ability is useful in such graphic problem of junior high school entrance exam.
In addition, knowledge of, such as “this principle of leverage,” “friction”, “gear ratio” is also, you can learn in the process of making a robot.

Why No block or a robot?

answer_green  With what love child “block” or “robot”, it is possible to give a surprise that “finished” impressed and “moved!” Called for children, pull the interest of children, “I want to learn more,” ” We believe that it pulled out a spontaneous desire to learn and that know want “more.

Than children become bored quickly?

answer_org  Teaching materials, in from the lower grades to children of the upper grades everyone can enjoy “robot”, you can enjoy a “sense of achievement” that the move that was made on your own. And children that continue to make while standing 90 minutes, the children are feeling impatient twice a month of classes, Irasshaimasu lot. Courses in three stages with the “Basic”, “middle”, “Advanced” is a curriculum to tackle gradually difficult robot making.

Join the subject only elementary school students?

answer_green  In principle, we are in for elementary school students, but it has got through to a wide range of children from the senior’s up to junior high school students.

Briefings and experience teaching Is there a?

answer_org  In “Robot classroom” has been deployed throughout the country, the “experience lesson” for children, to everyone of parents we have conducted the “briefing” that also serves as a tour of the experience lesson.
Briefings and experience schedule of classes, please contact your local classroom.

Once out to experience class, not a must and do not necessarily join?

answer_green  No. There is no such a thing.
In experience class, confirm how the child is feeling the “fun to move by creating your own” and “excitement and surprise of science”, please join.